MSM Chapter 45

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“With this, we have secured countermeasures against the Abyss Walkers for the time being, but… we also have to think countermeasures for the appearance of the Abyss Walkers in the various parts of the Kingdom brought up by the Guild Master…”

Saying that, Lloyd’s gaze was directed at me.

I thought I was called for the matter of the Spell Sword at this meeting, so I had a bad feeling when I received the gaze from Lloyd.

“Frick, I actually had something to ask of you. If you accept this request, I will give you an advance payment and the request fee, I will promote you to platinum-rank, and I will give you various conveniences. Will you accept it?”

This request is one with no detail presented.

This is the kind of request that one should never accept usually.

When I was an adventurer of the Royal Capital, I got duped to exterminate a Demonic Dragon by this kind of request, and I have learnt to examine request in detail since then, so I hesitated to reply immediately.

“Frontier Count-sama, can tell me the detail first? I’ll give you my answer after that.”

“Well, I thought you would say that. My request is to do a follow-up investigation of the rumors about the Abyss Walkers all across the Kingdom. Assuming that similar specimens are roaming across the Kingdom, it is a case that needs your skill and magic.”

As I thought, it was a confirmation investigation of the encounter report of the Abyss Walker that was brought up by the Guild Master earlier, huh.

Nonetheless, I don’t know how much damage will be caused if specimens holding such a strength roaming in the Kingdom.

If my power is useful for standing up against the crisis that the Kingdom is facing, I have to accept it.

“Understood. I accept the request of the Frontier Count-sama.”

“I see, you accept it, huh. I’m sorry, I’m also clearly aware that it is a very dangerous request. I’ll definitely reward you for your hard work.”

“No, I’m honored if my power can be used to protect someone’s peaceful life.”

When I accept the request from Lloyd, Linus also turned his eyes to me and murmured something.

“Does Linus-sama also has a request for me?”

“Ahh, I have something I really want to request Frick-dono. Will you accept it along with Lloyd’s request?”

“If it’s something that I can do.”

“I’m grateful for your words. In the last 20 years, it can be said that magic has degenerated due to the maintenance of the master-apprentice system despite the loss of many mages in the Great Invasion. Even in the battle against the Abyss Walker previously, attack magic was invalidated without exerting any effect. If those Abyss Walkers were roaming freely, the mages countermeasure against them will be only support magic. So that it will not come to that, I want Frick-dono to learn magic from mages who have mastered rare magic in various places. And then, I want you to create new magic. Will you accept it?”

Entering the apprenticeship of various mages and create new magic!?

I don’t have the knowledge and skill in regard to magic to do such a big task, though.

“If it’s Frick-sama, he’s not prejudiced against rare magic, so I think he’s the right person. Linus-sama, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to accompany Frick-sama on his journey as record keeper of the magic he developed. Is it okay?”

“Ohh, if Florina’s daughter, Noelia-jou, tag along with him, even the many eccentric mage will perhaps accept Frick-dono. By all means, please accompany him.”

When the talks turn to Noelia’s traveling together with me, Lloyd stood up.

“Linus-shi, letting Noelia travel with Frick―― (mouth flapping)”

Oh, the usual one flew.

As usual, Noelia is a girl with a strange expression of affection.

“It seems my father also request me to accompanies Frick-sama to be his helper, and says that I should fulfill my role properly.”

Lloyd, who heard his daughter’s words, shook his head hard.

I’m sure he wants to say that it’s wrong.

I’ve gotten used to it lately, and I’ve come to understand what the silenced Lloyd wants to say.

“As expected of Lloyd-dono, to think that you would order your important daughter to accompany Frick-dono on his journey.”

Linus seemed to believe Noelia’s words, he wipes the corner of his eyes while being deeply moved.

“Then, the one who will be Frick-sama’s companion is Noelia-sama, right. Both of them are adventurers, so they have no problem with outdoor activities.”

Meiss continued the talk without waiting for Lloyd’s reply.

Even though he is a vassal tentatively, I wonder if it’s okay for him to ignore the intention of his lord.

When it comes to a journey to learn magic, it would be nice to have Noelia, a magic expert, as a company to avoid dangerous way to use magic.

“Lloyd, you have to graduate from being an idiot parent. For Noelia’s sake as well.”

Gawain was patting on Lloyd’s shoulder, whose mouth was silenced by Silence.

Veins popped out on Lloyd’s temples.

Afterwards, the meeting turns disorderly, but Lloyd also conditionally allowed Noelia to accompany me.

Three days later.

After preparing for the departure, I was waiting for the arrival of Noelia in front of the Adventurer’s Guild building, which is the meeting place.

Then, I feel a shock behind me.

When I turned around, there stood a blonde blue-eyed young man with an extremely well-ordered facial features, full of androgynous charm.

Looking at the metal armor and the two swords on his waist, it looks like he is an adventurer swordsman who uses two swords.

“I’m sorry. I was in a hurry…”

“No, I was also standing in a disturbing place, I’m sorry.”

I apologized to the young man who collided with me, and moved to another place.

“Al~! Wait for me~. Don’t leave me~.”

“Meila, hurry.”

The young man called Al was hurrying a woman who was leading a horse that was drawing a carriage.

The two seems to be an adventurer party.

Having a dedicated wagon like that, they might be fairly high-ranking adventurers.

While I was watching those two adventurers, I was called out from behind.

“Frick-sama, thank you for waiting.”

The owner of the voice was Noelia, who had finished preparing for the trip.

Although there were twists and turns, she was allowed to accompany me on my trip by taking along Suzana, her personal maid.

That Suzana was waiting on a wagon in the direction of the road.

“No, I’ve just arrived too. Well then, let’s go. Where is our first destination?”

“Taking into account the search for Abyss Walker and the location of magicians who have mastered rare magic, let’s head east to Inbahanes, which would take about three weeks from here.”

“Inbahanes, huh. It’s a place I’ve never been to. If I recall correctly, it’s a place called the City of Beastmen, isn’t it?”

“Yes, many of the inhabitants are beastmen, a rare race in the Kingdom. It’s a city with various stinking rumors, but it has the newest sighting of Abyss Walker.”

“New sighting means that it is also possible that it is still there. Let’s hurry.”

I joined Noelia, and gave instructions to Dimol, who was flying freely over the sky, and decided to head for the city of Inbahanes.

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