MSM Chapter 58

[Making Money]

We then exchanged information with Gidion for a while, and after we left the guild master’s office, we go toward the reception desk.

It seems that the Guild Master has already contacted them, as one of the receptionists was waving at us.

“Here. Here!”

The one in Youg Hannotes was a matching blue uniform, but the one in Inbahanes is a red uniform, huh…

And it seems that each uniform is quite different as if to suit different beastmen.

Looking at the receptionists who are busy dealing with the adventurers, I had such an impression.

“Frick-sama, the counter is over there.”

“Ahh, that’s right. Let’s go.”

When Susana called out, I stopped looking at the receptionists and decided to go to the counter.

The receptionist who was waving her hand didn’t seem to be very beastified, as she only has cat ears and tail to indicate that she is a beastman, which made her appearance looked closer to that of a human.

“You are Frick-sama, right? I’ve heard from Gidion-sama that you will accept the request to capture the war horse. I’m Leia, the one who was told to be in charge of you.”

The cat eared receptionist Leia talked to us sitting on the chair at the counter.

To be this hurried, as Gidion said, it seems that it has become a troublesome matter for the Adventurer’s Guild.

I had to get information about where that guy was likely to run around.

After all, because of the matter from before, it’s unlikely that it would get close to the highway.

“Ahh, we decided to accept the request to capture the war horse. So please provide us with the information.”

“Information, is it? We will provide it if we can, but…”

Leia tilted her head at my request.

“Ahh, I didn’t mean that kind of information. I want a map of the surrounding area that shows the places where the capture had failed. It is smart, so I suppose that it’ll not approach those places again. I want you to provide it in order to narrow down the scope of the search.”

Leia looked at me with her eyes blinking in surprise.

Did I say something strange?

That guy has the intelligence to understand human speech, and it could even think and positioning itself properly in the middle of battle, so I thought that it has the same or higher level of intelligence than ordinary people.

“P-please wait a moment! I’ll prepare it immediately!”

Having said that, Leia withdrew to the back of the counter and began to collect information on the places where the capture had failed so far.

“Frick-sama, even though you only met that war horse once, you can understand it to that extent?”

Noelia, who was sitting next to me and listening to the talk, asked me with a strange look on her face.

“Hm~, how should I put it? Like, I got that feeling from it, but… I mean, just like when I met Dimol, like, the horse suits me or something.”

I can’t properly convey the feeling I felt to Noelia.

Perhaps, my evaluation of the giant horse may just be my selfish delusion.

“Perhaps, you like that giant horse? In the same way as Dimol?”

Having heard my pointless explanation, Noelia asked a question that is close to the point.

“T-t-t-there’s no way. Look, I have Dimol and Dayle after all.”

*jiii* Noelia’s gaze was concentrated on my face.

Is she angry? No, I didn’t say that I would make friends with it…

Look, Dimol is very useful in things like movement speed or for scouting, but I can’t bring him into the city, so in that respect, a horse――

Wait, no, no.

I was fantasizing about myself having a journey with that giant horse.

Let’s have it pretend to be caught this time. That way it will stopped being chased by the adventurers, and if necessary, I will help it escape – it will definitely agree to cooperate. After that, it’s all up to it… It’s fine right? …It doesn’t have to travel with me.

“Huu, Frick-sama is really…”

“Wait, Noelia. I’m definitely not thinking of wanting to make friends with it, okay.”

“Yes, yes, understood.”

“Even Suzana!?”

The two women were sighing at me.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! This is the map that Frick-sama――eh, what happened?”

The cat eared receptionist Leia, who returned to the counter, looked at use and asked if something happened.

“Nothing. Rather than that, can you show me the map?”

Before I got caught up further, I decided to get the information from Leia.

“Y-yes. This is a map showing the locations where the capture had failed so far. Looking at this, I feel like it’s choosing the woodlands in the spacious Owell Grasslands to hide itself. Perhaps, as Frick-sama said, that horse is thinking and acts upon it.”

The topography around Inbahanes is drawn on the presented map.

It seemed that the northern part of the highway from which we came was a fairly wide grassland area.

The herd of the war horse seems to be lurking in the small forests scattered in the grassland – the points where the capture had failed are marked with an x.

I think it’s okay to postpone the search for the x-marked places, so let’s first select a place that hasn’t been marked yet and search for the herd.

“Can I borrow this map?”

“Yes, you can. That is why I brought it here. The Guild Master is also racking his brain over this request, so it would be great if Frick-sama and his friends could safely complete it. Is there another useful information that you want?”

“Right… Next is… I’d like to look I’d like to look over some of the requests to subjugate the monsters in the Owell Grassland. No matter how much travel funds we have, it will run out eventually.”

Lloyd and Linus gave me plenty of advance money to prepare for the request, but I had no idea how long the request would take, so I wanted to make money whenever I could.

“Then please give us requests that can be accepted according to my rank.”

Even though Noelia is a noble daughter, she is used to adventurer life, so she seems to have understood the importance of earning money while traveling.

The requests that a bronze rank adventurer like me could receive don’t yield a big amount of money, so she handed her emblem to Leia.

If you are a platinum rank, you can receive the highest rank request from the Adventurer’s Guild in any city.

The reason why you can receive highest rank request even in other cities is that Adventurer’s Guild in the city you belong to recognize that you have that ability.

Therefore, even platinum rank adventurers won’t be reckless when accepting request in another city.

If they did poorly in a high difficulty request, the Adventurer’s Guild in the city they belong to will receive complaint from the Adventurer’s Guild of another city, which will adversely affect their assessment.

Even if you have become a platinum rank, if you continued to fail request, and your ability was judged to be not up to par, you could be demoted, so it was necessary to have a good eye in request selection.

“Noelia-sama is a platinum rank of Youg Hannotes, right? Understood. I will bring you the list of request slips immediately.”

Leia said so and left the counter immediately.

And when she came back, she presented a list of platinum rank request slips in front of us.

“If you are looking for a monster subjugation type of platinum rank in the area of Owell Grassland, there is a request to subjugate a Small Cloud Whale.”

“Is there a Small Cloud Whale?”

“Yes, it seems to be a Small Cloud Whale that strayed from somewhere, but it’s sending an acid rain, making the grass in the grasslands dying, so the request to subjugate it has been put up.”

‘Small Cloud Whale’ seems to be the child of the giant cloud whale ‘Cloud Whale’, said to be the king of the sky.

They are aerial creatures called Cloud Whale species that have a long lifespan comparable to Dragon species, and they purify the atmosphere, but when they are contaminated with mana, they will transform into a monster that release acidic rain or numbing rain, which was extremely troublesome to the creatures and lands that it passes through.

“This is perhaps a quite a big game, right? Nonetheless, Small Cloud Whale is of the Cloud Whale species, which is as rare and valuable as the Dragon species, so I think we should accept it.”

“You’re right. Let’s try to subjugate the monsterized Small Cloud Whale while capturing the war horse.”

For the time being, we’ve decided on what to do, after telling Leia that we would take the requests to subjugate the Small Cloud Whale and to capture the war horse, we decided to return to the garrison immediately to make our preparation.

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